Training and Development

  • Cambridge Collocation - European health care and training consultancy.
  • Concept Media - produces and distributes nursing educational videos and CD-ROMs and human development material.
  • Continuing Nursing Education - conferences, seminars, and independent study for nurses and other healthcare professionals. HIV updates and drug therapy courses for prescriptive authority.
  • Educational Resources Inc - provides practice tests (hardcopy/or software) for nursing students and schools.
  • Geriatric Video Productions - resources for continuing education and inservice training for geriatric nurses working in nursing homes, acute care, subacute and long-term care facilities.
  • Magnetic Resonance - Technology Information Portal is a free web portal for magnetic resonance imaging. Radiologists, technicians, technologists, administrators, and industry professionals can find information about magnetic resonance basics, technology, artifacts, contrast agents, coils, sequences, links, events, abbreviations, greeks, symbols, units and measurements, news and acronyms. The database can be used as a tutorial or teaching file for education as well as a business directory with information of MRI equipment, manufacturer and medical developer. The info sheets include an extensive overview to special subjects like MRI artifacts, MRI contrast agents, MRI coils and MRI pulse sequences.
  • Maternal Health Series - nursing education courses in fetal heart monitoring and other reproductive health issues based in central Arkansas.
  • Meds Publishing - products for students and nurse educators include software, video tapes, audio tapes, and books, reviews and workshops. Categories include RN, PN, and NCLEX.
  • NCLEX-RN  Exam mentoring, NCLEX-RN sample test, NCLEX-RN coaching and NCLEX-RN study guides - How To Pass NCLEX-RN Test? provides NCLEX-RN study guides with NCLEX-RN coaching and   NCLEX-RN exam tips which will give you an edge over passing the NCLEX-RN exam.
  • Nurse Connection - various products and resources related to just about anything nursing related
  • Nurse Practitioner's Home on the Internet - offering multimedia services, review courses, immunizations guide, search engine, and more.
  • Nursing Case Management Workshop - workshop examines the role of the case manager, requirements for establishing a case management system, and future trends in case management. NUSAonline - offers clinical skills training videos and books for professional nurses. UltraSound - Technology Information Portal, a free web portal for medical ultrasound imaging and therapy. Radiologists, technicians, technologists, administrators, and industry professionals can find information about medical ultrasound basics, technology, artifacts, contrast agents, modes, scanners, links, events, abbreviations, greeks, symbols, units and measurements and news.
  • Wilson Shepard Education Associates - providing nursing education for nurses includes seminar information.

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